Crazy Facts About Getting a Job … Or 70 Reasons To Start a Company

11 Dec
Check this out Zibkids!  Running your own business with will help you with the really important things below — like confidence and eye contact. Practice with your Lemonade StandTemporary Tattoo ParlorFlower Farm and Florist, or Jewelry Design Studio. We do find it disappointing that 70 out of 100 bosses say they don’t like people to look fashionable or trendy — what does that have to do with whether you will do a good job or not?!?! Remember, the most important way to be confident is to be yourself — and if that means wearing a cool stripy tee shirt  then maybe you need to focus on the 30 out of 100 companies who appreciate you for who you are. Or, better yet, start that company! Zibkids will really help you get a head start on that! (To see a big version of the graphic, click here). What do you think?
This graphic was first published by Classes and Careers.

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