A Growing Gaggle of (Zibkids) Guides

1 Dec

These are embedded for easy access into their relevant Zibz at Zibkids.com and also available as standalone booklets at Scribd.com

Zibkids.com Guides for Entrepreneurial Kids


System Update: Trouble Registering New Zibkids

27 Nov

Sorry to any new Zibkids… you will see a blank screen after signing up and your parents will not receive your account confirmation email. We are working to fix this and will give an update when it is resolved. We are getting your names in our system so we will send new Zibkids an email to confirm their accounts as soon as we get this fixed. Sorry for any inconvenience. You will be Zibbing soon!

Cool New How-To Guides Coming to Zibkids.com

23 Nov

It’s getting easier and easier for kids and families to start fun, mini, age-appropriate businesses with zibkids.com. We have just completed our first guide book — for the Jewelry Design Studio Zib. You can read it here, and it’s also embedded as part of the Zib itself at the website. Just sign up (or sign in) and go to that Zib.

Welcome Sulu, Newest Zibkids.com Team Member

23 Nov

She doesn’t have an official job title yet. But we love her!

Zibkids After-School Elementary MBA To Be Taught Simultaneously in Barcelona and San Francisco

20 Nov

A Skype-pal chat is being discussed! The San Francisco class is slated to begin Wednesday December 1 February 14 2011 for students at San Francisco School and is being taught by Kristin Wiederholt of Cannonball Coaching. The Barcelona class is slated to begin in January at the Benjamin Franklin International School and is being taught by Sports in Spain’s Maurien Moller. Both are parents at the respective schools. Do you want to teach this course at your kids’ school? Shoot a mail to barak@zibkids.com

Similar hair... but this is neither Maurien or Kristin. It's Peter who teaches other very cool stuff at the San Francisco School

Exciting Times Again for Zibkids in Barcelona …

27 Oct

Zibkids will be offering the Elementary MBA again — it was a great hit last year. This year Maurien Moller will be teaching the course. A bunch of kids are going for it again this year! Here are a couple of pics of Maurien and students at sign up day.

Site Upgrade – by barak

16 Jul

Check out the new Zibkids.com … there are a number of improvements that will not be readily apparent on the face of things (for one it is now much easier to create Zibz for you—so if you have any ideas, please let us know). One visible improvement is ┬áthis nice little Dorian video on the home page. (I have to say though that that arrow on his mouth is a little weird!!! So please click it now to make it go away)